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In 1994 the electrical engineer Mr. Jansen founded the Ing.-Büro Jansen Marketing and Engineering GmbH. Herewith, the new company was able to build on over 20 years of experience and know-how on the field of electrical plant technology with concern the following areas:


For pressure-, temperature- and flow-measurement in the Ex ia I -area we produce measurement devices. The devices are sold in Germany as well as abroad.

Manufacturing of explosion- proofed  Measurement  Devices for Mining

Due to the demand of the market the Ing.-Büro Jansen GmbH has started to build up several segments of activities so that nowadays specific electrotechnical areas are covered. The activities are focussed on the following subjects:

Engineering- Consulting

On the demand of internationall plant producers and on the basis on working-contracts we produce the basic engineering.

Our office is in the Frankfurt am Main region (distance to the international Airport 22km). Due to the good local infrastructure we are able to act within a very short time and therefore to comply with the demands in Germany and in the other European countries.