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Pressure Measuring Device in SIL2- design
Water Control Panel
Safety Integrity Level
Safety requirements must be in accordance with the state of the art.  
The rules are based on DIN EN 61508-1:2 „Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems, part 1“. Devices are proofed and classified into so-called  Safety Integrity Levels (SIL1-3) by a CB , e.g. DEKRA EXAM. To minimize of the risk, the standards require for the whole safety system an evaluation according to a risk- graph.
The risk- graph  contains the following estimations: extent of damage, duration of stay, hazard defence and the entry probability.
The pressure measuring devices of the type DMG/F**I** fulfill the requirements for the use in safety functions with the safety integrity level of SIL 2.
The marking of the devices has the following detail:                    Ex I M2 EEx ia I
                                                                                            I (M2)
As option the pressure measuring devices are available  with a local LCD-display as well.  Depending on the application the devices can be delivered in the range of 2 bar up to 400 bar.
The intrinsically safe water controlling panel serves for the controlled filling and emptying of a water container. The control panel consist of: Valve, level- measuring device, overflow-monitoring,
PCL-components like 4-fold input-adapter, relay-components and phone with loud-speaker. The panel is customized tailored. The devices are mounted upon a steel plate frame with the necessary  pipes, stopcocks and bypasses.